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Could your home be making you sick?

It is entirely possible for two people to be living, working, studying, etc. in a water damaged building, and for one to be very ill and the other to show no symptoms at all. I see this often in my practice where 1-2 family members show symptoms, and the other 2 show none at all.

As you can imagine, this creates a great deal of skepticism and push back at the mere suggestion of a house or building potentially being an issue. Wouldn't it make sense for everyone who spends time in the building to be sick?

Lets break this down...

We are all born with a set of genetics. HLA (Human leukocyte antigen) are our "immune response genetics" from biological mom and dad and found on chromosome 6. They predict our responses to environmental stimuli; their job is to essentially present antigens (foreign invaders) to the immune system for recognition and response.

My understanding of mold illness/ CIRS is that low level exposures over time (or larger inflammatory events) can turn these genes on if already present. With poor antigen presentation, the immune system does not mount an appropriate response to these foreign invaders, and we end up in a chronic inflammatory response.

If one was never in the presence of these mycotoxins... no problem. After all these genes are more of a predisposition than a destiny. And if one does not have these genes/ haplotypes, they will likely be able to mount an appropriate response and live on symptom free.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their health and has not considered their environment, it may be time. ~20% of the population have the HLA DRDQ patterns that predispose them to respond in this way to biotoxins. And... it takes more than mold avoidance for these individuals to turn the inflammation off.

One other thing to note here is that if you are part of the 20% and had a previous mold exposure (even 10 years ago), that exposure could have started a chronic inflammatory response which you are still needing to support today.


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