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Well Fed but Undernourished...

We live in a society of excess, yet so many individuals struggle with nutrient deficiencies and conditions of undernourishment. For one, our food has changed over the past several decades. Not only have we moved from a true whole foods diet to one of convenience, but the actual soil of our planet has changed (and not for the better).

With industrialization came the shift from agricultural practices to reliance on manufacturing. We no longer need to eat with the seasons, rely on our own crops or hunt for food. At the click of a button we have anything and everything we want sitting at our doorstep. Calorically speaking, we are extremely well fed... but our diets are lacking in a wide array of nutrients and minerals.

Mass production has taken over biodiversity creating the need for more pest and insect control. Pesticides and fungicides have been heavily used, changing the very microbiome of our soil, our earth. The food we grow today has nowhere near the amount of nutrients it once did.

Look at the future generations and the increased rates of tooth decay, crowded jaws, developmental delays, attention deficit disorder, anxiety and depression, etc. These can all be linked to nutritional deficiencies, which are not seen in other cultures around the world. Cultures that traditionally eat more animal organs, pasture raised meat, dairy and eggs, fish eggs, oysters, and plants grown on biodiverse farms generally have improved health and are less reliant on medications and supplementation.

It is often easier and more affordable to access processed foods and conventionally grown/ raised plants and animal products. I would recommend becoming familiar with the environmental working group's "Dirty Dozen" list to get an idea of what foods are most important to consume organic. Choose whole foods when you can, spend time outdoors in the sun (we produce Vitamin D in response to sunlight on the skin), and work with your Naturopath or Holistic Practitioner to find out which nutrients and minerals you may be deficient in.


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