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You are not your diagnosis

Don't get me wrong, it can be quite a relief to receive a diagnosis. Validation of sorts that you are not crazy, and that years or "normal labs," were indeed missing something. An "F* you" to all those doctors who told you it was all in your head.

Especially when a condition is more chronic, it is natural to start identifying with your dis-ease or diagnosis. The downside of this is that your limbic system, (part of your automatic nervous system and safety surveillance system) interprets this as a threat. Although intellectually there is no immediate threat, your nervous system hears this narrative. "I am..." anxious, toxic, sick, etc.

Given the essential goal of survival, this conflict is constantly being interpreted and remedied in the background. The truth is, conflict resolution in the body occurs as inflammation and symptoms. So... hear what I'm saying? More conflict leads to more symptoms.

When the limbic system hears a different narrative and surveys safety, this regulation allows for healing to take place. This does not make your experience any less real. Creating a different relationship with your diagnosis can indeed facilitate healing.

If you are struggling with your health, especially those with any form of chronic illness, you may consider one of the following for limbic system retraining:

- The Gupta Method

- Annie Hopper's DNRS

- Joe Dispenza's work

- Biofeedback (you can find and work with qualified practitioners or purchase at home personal devices)


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