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You are Worthy of Healing

Over the past few years practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor, I have witnessed many patients on their healing journey with one huge overseen obstacle. They move from doctor to doctor seeking guidance and support, but at some point in their life, they have created a very real story that sticks with them today. For a moment, believing that they were not worthy of healing served as protection. Beyond that moment, they never even realized this story would travel with them, holding them back from the very thing they desperately wanted.

With awareness comes choice, and by identifying this (massive) obstacle, it is almost like finding a hidden key. The stories we tell are ours alone, yet we often believe them to be so deeply true that we never stop to re-evaluate. I believe that if we continue to tell the same story over and over again, that could very well become our destiny. For many of us however... it's time to change the narrative.

What is the story you wish to be telling? Could that become your truth?

Stories don't change overnight, and most require hard work to adapt and adjust. After all, the way we take in the world is our way of surviving, and no two humans will experience it the same. We may start to have a different understanding or view intellectually, but on a sub-conscious level, our limbic system is hard wired and often stuck in the past. I hope you know that you are worthy of healing, because you are human, and because you are you. Consider some of the following ideas to tap into that innate ability to expand and release.

- Journal: Write as if your wildest dreams have already occurred. Tap into all your senses, really get into it. How do you feel when you look in the mirror? What sensations move through your body? How do other people see you/ experience you? What are your relationships like? etc.

- Biofeedback: work with a practitioner or purchase a personal device such as Inner Balance by Heartmath Institute to retrain the nervous system and improve HRV

- Move your body: dance/ shake/ release stagnation and stories/ trauma that no longer serves.

- Find a counselor or therapist you connect with.

- Plant medicine/ Ceremony/ Sweat lodge

- Connect with like minded people who help move you in the direction of who you could be in your wildest dreams.


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