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Individual and group lessons for all levels of practice.  Classes are curated to facilitate deep connection with mind, body and spirit.  Rooted in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, we combine slow flow with plenty of time to explore the depths of each pose.  Great attention is given to alignment and students are encouraged to personalize practice in any way that feels authentic. 


Meditation is a practice of mindfulness that can take many different shapes.  Whether dedicated time in silence or meticulous movement, learn to be present and release all judgements and expectations.  Whether you are looking to create a daily practice or hone in on an existing one, we will work together to discover what works best for you.  Through practice and guidance, your life will begin to feel lighter with more space for joy and existing in the present moment.


The breath exists from the moment we enter this world, until the moment we leave.  Have you ever noticed the pace and depth of your breath change given your mood and sense of safety?  Breath affects physiology, and physiology affects breath- this allows us to regulate and survive.  Given our daily stressors are different than they once were (when we lived in caves), we often need support in communicating a new message to our nervous system.  Through various types of breath work we can begin to create new neural networks and see profound shifts in our well being. 

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