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Cultivating deep trust in the body's innate wisdom and intelligence to heal

Are you ready to reconnect with your deepest truth?

By peeling back our many layers of armor we can begin to experience the most authentic version of ourselves.  


Cynara (Cyn·​a·​ra) is Latin for Artichoke.  A spiky thistle plant, with thick outer leaves and a soft central heart.  Much like this plant we are all intelligently layered, yet at the core we truly have all we need to thrive. 

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Services We Provide

Naturopathic Medicine

Identify the root cause of dis-ease and tap into your body's innate wisdom through various modalities.

(Lab analysis and interpretation, nutrition and dietary counseling, botanical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and physical medicine)


Coming soon...

Retreats and Self paced online courses created to facilitate the healer in you.

Holistic MindBody Medicine

Mind Body visits focus more deeply on the connection between our emotions and physiology. 

In these visits we will unveil and heal the deeper false beliefs that lead to dis-ease and suffering.


Yoga: cultivate awareness, strength, and resilience through mindful movement.

Breathwork: connect internal and external worlds through breath to ignite deep healing.

Meditation: become present and aware of your mind and learn to observe without judgment.

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